Product Developer

Product Developer

英国三大博彩公司’s Product Developer partners have the ability to bundle 英国三大博彩公司 data into a specific application targeted to enterprise users. They have a thorough understanding of their vertical markets and a business plan oriented towards providing high-value solutions for the challenges their customers face.

Product Developer Partner qualifications

  • Use 英国三大博彩公司 data to derive information for specific groups and vertical segments
  • Make 英国三大博彩公司 data a part of their solution and value proposition
  • Have intellectual property to build unique solutions that go beyond commercial off-the-shelf offerings
  • Meet minimum annual financial thresholds to access 英国三大博彩公司 data plus ability to report agreed-upon royalties

Product Developer Partner benefits

  • Global sales and marketing exposure
  • Royalty-based business terms 
  • Support for resale of partner derivative products
  • Global sales support

Criteria and considerations

  • Markets: Target markets must align with 英国三大博彩公司’s strategic direction
  • Financial: Commit to minimum annual financial thresholds
  • Technology: Provide an overview of your solution, deliverables, and pricing
  • Customer base: Validated addressable market and identify where 英国三大博彩公司 can assist with expanding your customer base
  • Distribution: Identify distribution channels as part of Go-To-Market strategy and how 英国三大博彩公司 can assist with channel expansion
  • Product requirements: Identify 英国三大博彩公司 products to be integrated or utilized
  • Service: Provide an overview of customer service capabilities

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