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英国三大博彩公司 has decades of experience manufacturing communication and Earth observation satellites. We provide advanced, reliable and affordable spacecraft for global commercial missions as well as a broad range of civil, defense and intelligence missions for the U.S. government.

Reliable performance and longevity

1300 Class

The world's most popular spacecraft platform, the 英国三大博彩公司 1300 Class is designed to accommodate evolutionary advances in technology. This versatile platform seamlessly serves a variety of missions—from communications satellites to spacecraft for exploration.

1300 Class features:

  • lightweight, high-strength structure
  • fuel-efficient attitude and station-keeping subsystems
  • reliable, high-efficiency solar arrays and batteries
  • advanced command and control subsystems
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Legion Class

Our Legion Class satellite is an innovative, cost-effective, platform built with a modular architecture that can scale to meet a variety of mission requirements. Compatible modules across key satellite characteristics (power, pointing, orbit and mass) operate on a unified system that enables custom configuration and structure to address an array of customer needs.

Configurations include:

  • remote sensing
  • Earth observation
  • communications
  • satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS)

英国三大博彩公司’s own next-generation Earth observation constellation, WorldView Legion, is being built off this class bus.

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Tailored Platforms

Our modular and agnostic platforms enable us to quickly and cost-effectively serve diverse customer needs. But we understand that every mission is unique. Reach out today to learn more about how our deep mission expertise and innovative approach can help you achieve mission success.

Custom configurations provide tangible benefits for customers, including:

  • increased resilience
  • lower cost
  • rapid delivery
  • tightly defined coverage areas

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